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On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

“On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love sent to me….…Four Calling Birds.”

What a very thoughtful gift.  The ‘calling birds’ in the song is a variation of the word ‘colly’ or ‘collie’ bird. The definition of colly is black and came from the old word for coal. So simply put, a Calling bird is a blackbird.  These birds do not make great house pets.  They are omnivores (or ground feeders) and eat their fair share of insects and worms; they will even eat small critters like frogs, tadpoles and lizards.

Since Calling birds are outdoor birds, they make a good Christmas gift to the person with asthma or allergies.  If we are wrong about black birds, we will eat Crow!

This educational information does not take the place of your physician’s advice.


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