Treatments & Services Offered

Let us take care of you!

Family Allergy & Asthma Care of Montana offers several treatments and services for patients seeking relief. We treat common conditions related to seasonal allergies, asthma, rashes, stings, food allergies, drug allergies and more. Our goal is to provide patients with proper medical treatment as well as education on how to handle unexpected reactions.

We offer the following treatments at our office:

Allergy skin testing

We offer allergy testing to determine environmental, food, medication (penicillin), patch skin and venom allergies.

Allergy shots and sublingual tablets

Patients who receive our injection or sublingual immunotherapy typically suffer from hay fever, eye allergies, or asthma.  Venom allergies are treated with allergy injections.

Lung function testing

Breathing tests (spirometry) allow us to accurately diagnose asthma.

Individualized “action plans” for home & school

Our goal is to arm each patient with an action plan for how to handle, respond to and treat an unexpected allergic reaction.

Other services

We also offer flu shots and physician-monitored challenges (organized, methodical trial-and-error tactics to determine unknown allergies) at our practice.