About Your Visit

Let us take care of you!

Family Allergy & Asthma Care of Montana is committed to preparing each patient for a great visit. Our goal is to have every patient leave our office with a treatment plan in place for managing asthma and allergies. To meet this goal, we start with a thorough initial visit.

At your initial visit, a doctor will:

  • review your medical history
  • perform a physical examination
  • decide upon a plan of action

*Please wear appropriate clothing that will enable the doctor to do a physical examination and refrain from wearing perfumes or strong-scented skin and body care products in consideration of allergy sufferers.

Possible tests

In order to accurately diagnose your allergy or asthma problems, the doctor may want to run additional tests after meeting with you. Most of these tests can be performed in our office and allow you to resume regular activities in 1-2 hours. The doctor may request:

  • Diagnostic tests such as allergy skin testing (to determine your allergies)
  • Breathing tests (may be done if you’re experiencing respiratory problems such as cough, wheeze, chest tightness or shortness of breath.)

What to bring to your visit

For your first visit with Family Allergy & Asthma Care of Montana, please bring the following items.

  • Photo ID or driver’s license
  • Health insurance card/information
  • For minors (under 18 years), written permission for evaluation and treatment from a parent or legal guardian IF one of them is NOT accompanying the child
  • List of your current medications and any pertinent medical records, including labs, x-rays, and previous allergy records.

Questions about preparing for your first visit? Call us at (406) 451-7017.