Individualized Action Plans

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Individualized action plans are offered at Family Allergy & Asthma Care of Montana. These action plans are important tools for managing asthma and severe allergies. We provide plans for managing asthma and allergies at home and at school. Adults may also use action plans in the workplace. The plans are also a critical tool for receiving proper medical care in the event of an attack or adverse reaction.

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Asthma action plans

The information included in your action plan for asthma outlines which medications to take on a daily basis and what medication changes to make when an asthma attack occurs.  It also includes directions on when to contact the doctor and when you should seek care at the ER.

Food Allergy/Anaphylaxis

This straightforward individualized plan provides the patient and family with pertinent information to follow in the event of an allergic reaction. It provides a list of signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction and when to administer the EpiPen® and other medications.

Even when the particular trigger of a severe allergic reaction is not known, having an anaphylaxis action plan can direct yourself or others in the immediate response to an allergic reaction until medical help arrives.