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Fink And Zach

Congratulations Dr. Fink!

Fink and Zach

This blog is a “shout out” to my mentor, friend and colleague Dr. Jordan Fink.   My inspiration to pursue a career in allergy/immunology stems from my experience as a senior medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin during a rotation in allergy/immunology where I first met Dr. Fink.  His patients just adored him and I saw the difference he made in their lives.  I wanted to be that kind of physician.

The passion and dedication Dr. Fink has displayed during his many decades long tenure at the Medical College of Wisconsin has been a role model for me.  I was blessed to have Dr. Fink as my training program director for 2 years and thereafter my colleague for 17 years.  Through all those years since 1988, he has also been my friend and adviser.

As Dr. Fink retires from practice, his legacy and impact will continue through those fellows he trained and others he inspired and all those patients and families he cared for.

Mazel tov!

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