Recurrent Infections

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It seems as though there’s always “something” going around – especially in young children. Colds, bacterial infections and viruses are common in young children, especially if they are in a day care setting or share toys with other young children.

While frequent infections may be common, most children recover quickly. When children experience recurrent, severe or unusual infections, an immune system problem may be occurring. It’s important to speak with a physician if you’re concerned about your child’s continued sickness.

When to evaluate your child’s immune system:

  • infections have been severe enough to require IV antibiotics or hospitalization
  • infections such as pneumonia, sinus infections or skin abscesses are recurrent

We encourage parents to not make assumptions about their children’s health and to seek prompt evaluation at the sign of any recurrent or severe illness.

Concerned about your child’s immune system? Schedule an appointment with a physician at (406) 451-7017.