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“Dr. Zach has helped me so much in the past several years. Before I met him, I had been living my life with uncontrolled asthma and allergies; I always thought that I couldn’t do active sports and events, but Dr. Zach made me realize I could. He has been so helpful in diagnosing my symptoms, educating me on how to manage my asthma and allergies preventatively, and recognizing when I need to change my medications to fit my lifestyle. My husband and I live in Anchorage, Alaska and we love accessing the outdoors by hiking, bicycling, fishing, camping, cross country skiing, and more. I could not do all these things I love to do if Dr. Zach hadn’t recognized my asthma for what it is and helped me better manage my allergies. I feel like I can go into the backcountry of Alaska now and feel confident about enjoying the adventure, without having to worry about my medical conditions. Dr. Zach is accessible, easy to communicate with, and gentle when educating our family on how to work with our allergies, asthma, and sensitivities. I would highly recommend him to anyone I meet.”  -Erin Mc-S, Avid Adventurer
Erin Mc-S

♦ He’s an awesome doctor; he got me in and started working on a solution as soon as possible. I’ve already recommended him to my friends

♦ Dr. Zacharisen really knows his specialty. I have an obscure immune problem and he was the first doctor who shed light on what is happening with me.

♦I love the personal relationship that Dr. Zach has fostered, it makes me feel like I am going to see a friend, not a doctor’s office.

♦ Brief and to the point. Offered essential advice while talking to me in terms that I could understand.

♦ He explains your condition in a way that makes everything easy to understand and everything makes sense.

♦ The doctor addressed my concerns clearly and thoroughly. He was personable and generally helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

♦ Besides being an excellent allergy/asthma Doc, he takes time to explain what’s going on.

♦ I now have a partner in my health maintenance.

♦ Dr. Zach is a really nice guy. I believe that he really wants you to get better with minimal drugs. Thanks for helping me with my allergies and asthma!!!

♦ Dr. Zacharisen is an excellent communicator and great doctor! THANKS!

♦ Excellent visit. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

♦ If I lay out an ideal doctor and appointment, my visit with Dr. Zach came awfully close. Friendly, informed, direct, helpful from the first minute to the last. The only thing I’d suggest is to make the patient understands the technical explanations.