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Food Allergy Support Group: Bozeman, Montana

So, your doctor just diagnosed your child with food allergies.  You are told what needs to be eliminated from the diet and given a prescription for self-injectable epinephrine.  
Your mind is spinning.  There are so many questions.  You need to read food ingredient labels, avoid cross contamination, have a plan for managing food allergies at restaurants, on airplanes, while on vacation, at school, and over holidays.  You need to teach family members, baby sitters and responsible older siblings how and when to use the epinephrine.  What about your child’s nutrition, vitamin D, and calcium requirements?  
Good news!  You are not alone.  Many families have been through this before.  Whether you are new to food allergies or facing a new challenge, meeting other individuals and families who are in the same situation and sharing experiences and support can be incredibly helpful. 
Don’t try to do this on your own!  Join the Food Allergy Awareness and Support Group in Bozeman, MT.
An organizational meeting will be held:
  • Where: Bozeman Public Library; small conference room
  • When:  Thursday December 5 at 6:30 pm
Share your stories (successes and challenges) and exchange ideas for safe foods and recipes, and to promote awareness of allergy and anaphylaxis in our community.  
If you are interested in participating, please contact Michelle at 556-1346 or via email at, or “like us” on Facebook at Food Allergy Bozeman
Medical Advisor:  Dr. Michael Zacharisen, Board Certified Allergist/Immunologist


  1. I think that one of the most important things to be stressed when it comes to managing childhood asthma or allergies is open communication between parents and their children’s primary health care provider. Whether it be assessing the effect of a new treatment or keeping track of their worst triggers, parents should be prepared to take action if things don’t seem to be working the way they should. Thanks for sharing!

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