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Times change, medications come and go. Here is a brief list of what’s new and what’s gone in the world of allergy and asthma recently.

New Allergy Medications:

Qnasl®: non-watery nasal steroid spray for treatment of seasonal and year round allergies.  For those who don’t like the wet sprays dripping down their throat or out the nose…Good news.  It’s dry!

Zetonna®:  another non-watery nasal steroid spray for the treatment of allergies.  It’s dry too!

Dymista®: nasal spray for allergic rhinitis.  It’s combination of azelastine (antihistamine available now as Astepro® ) + fluticasone (nasal steroid available now as Flonase®).  Good combo!

New Asthma Medications:

Dulera®: an inhaler containing the steroid mometasone (Asmanex®) and long-acting bronchodilator formoterol (Foradil® ).  Good combination for patients with moderate to severe persistent asthma.

Combivent Respimat®: Since the regular Combivent had the old “ozone harming” propellant, CFC, it is no longer being made.  Good news! The Respimat has the same medication and NO propellants.

New devices

Auvi-Q®:  a talking self-injectable epinephrine injector.  It is available in 2 dosage strengths. Nifty!

New treatments:

Bronchial thermoplasty:  A pulmonologist places a bronchoscope into your lungs and a heated probe “fries” the tissue and opens up the airways. Currently no Montana physicians are performing this procedure.  When there is not much else to offer for severe, refractory asthma!

New Vaccines:

Flublok®:  flu vaccine with absolutely no egg in it.  No worries for our severely egg-allergic patients.

Medications that have retired!

Asthma inhalers:  Aerobid®, Azmacort®, Alupent®, Intal®, Tilade®, Combivent MDI®.  If you don’t change the “ozone-harming” propellant, you are retired.  That’s ok. I have many choices!

What’s coming down the medication pipeline?  I can’t say, that would be “insider trading”!

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