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ProAir® HFA now comes with a dose counter!

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ProAir® is albuterol inhaler made by TEVA Respiratory.  It now has the long-awaited dose counter so patients will know exactly how many puffs are left in the canister and when it is time to refill their prescription.   In the “old days,” patients were floating their inhalers in water to see if they bobbed on top (empty) or sunk to the bottom (full).  This is not recommended and now, not necessary.

ProAir® may also give patients more time to inhale each puff as it delivers a warmer, lower impact, longer duration plume (translation: you will not feel that cold blast on the back of your throat!).  The expiration date on ProAir® is up to 2 years compared to 1 year for other albuterol inhalers.  The ProAir® inhaler can be carried or stored in any position without affecting dose consistency.

Albuterol is the primary medication used to treat acute episodes of asthma.  The usual symptoms of asthma are cough, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.  Albuterol works in 3-5 minutes to open those constricted airways and the good effect lasts about 4 hours.  If taken 15-20 minutes before exercise, it can prevent exercise-induced bronchospasm.   The side effects of albuterol can be headache, increased heart rate, tremor, and dizziness.  It is best to use albuterol “as needed” for relief of asthma symptoms.  If a person requires albuterol more often than twice a week during the day or twice a month at night, this suggests that their asthma is not under control.

If your asthma is not under control, visit an asthma specialist such as an allergist.  While there is no cure for asthma, it can be controlled.  Don’t let asthma control you!

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