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On the Ninth Day of Christmas….

On the Ninth Day of Christmas my true love sent to me……Nine Ladies Dancing!

Ah, ladies dancing, a very considerate gift!  But if YOU are the one out there dancing and your asthma is not controlled, you may find yourself on the sidelines with shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough or wheeze.  The most important thing is DO NOT give up on shaking your tail feather!!

Dancing can be an aerobic-type exercise.  About 70% of people with asthma will have symptoms with strenuous exercise.   Symptoms of exercise-induced asthma begin within 5 minutes after starting exercise, or 5 minutes after brief exercise has stopped.

There are steps you can take for preventing exercise-induce asthma that will allow you to have normal physical activity including on the dance floor. In fact, even Olympic athletes with asthma compete.  Asthma inhalers such as albuterol used 15 minutes before exercise can prevent symptoms.  In addition to taking medications, warming up and cooling down is helpful. For those with allergies, exercise should be limited during high pollen days or when temperatures are extremely cold and air pollution levels are high. Restrict your exercise when you have an infection such as a cold, the flu or sinusitis.  Do not be afraid to exercise if you have asthma; just understand how to take control of it.

Now get out there and get your groove on!

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