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Comfortable allergy skin testing?

multitest1Good news!  There’s been a breakthrough in allergy skin testing.   Many people delay going to the allergist, fearing allergy skin testing may be uncomfortable.    This is important because allergy skin testing is the preferred and best test to obtain the most accurate results to identify your allergy.   Lincoln Diagnostics has been the leader in allergy skin test devices for many years and now has available Multi-Test® PC.  The PC stands for “pain control.”  This latest breakthrough focuses on the “gate theory” of pain. Here is how it works.  The neurological gate-control theory involves the activation of nerve cells that block pain transmission, resulting in pain suppression.  The touch post of the skin test device activates these nerve cells to inhibit pain, while the refined points provide well-defined wheals with very little tissue trauma.

With allergy skin testing, there is no blood or needles!  You will have your result in 20 minutes, and the area where the skin tests are placed (the forearm or middle of the back) is back to normal in an hour or two.  The itching disappears typically before that.  Why wait days for a blood test result that may be less accurate?

I will be using the Multi-Test® PC for skin testing my patients.  This will be more comfortable and the tests are easy to interpret.    Why wait?!

  1. ErinErin10-06-2012

    Allergy testing is so accurate and helpful in determining allergens. Thanks for bringing more awareness to this! 🙂

  2. LNWeaverLNWeaver04-06-2017

    Allergy testing can explain a lot about your overall health. So it’s nice that there are a lot of methods to test for them. If you get consistent aches allergies could explain it.

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