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Allergy-Safe Weddings: How to tie the knot without getting in a bind.


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Preparing for that perfect day can be challenging.  Preparing for that perfect day when you or your guests have allergies can be perplexing and taxing!  Here are a few hints to keep yourself or your loved ones safe during the nuptials.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding:

  • Select your season:  Depending on your geographic location, peak tree pollen release is April to May while grass pollen season is mid-May through July (longer in the south).  If ragweed or other weed pollens are your trigger, beware from August to the first frost.  Avoid that season if at all possible.  If you have multi-seasonal allergies, find an air-conditioned church.   After all, who wants to hear sniffling and sneezing during the special moments of the couple exchanging vows?
  • Inform your guests:  If the ceremony and/or reception are outdoors; indicate this on the invitation.  In this way, those with pollen allergies can pre-medicate with non-drowsy antihistamines.  Similarly, those with stinging insect allergies (yellow jacket, bee, wasp etc.) will be reminded to carry their self-injectable epinephrine with them.

For all weddings, consider these issues:

  • Food allergies:  What is a wedding without cake and other treats?  Some wedding venues request avoiding foods with mayonnaise (egg), milk, or peanut products at the reception in an effort to keep food- allergic guests safe.  There are multiple recipes for cake that is egg, milk, and nut free.  Nevertheless, guests who have food allergies should carry their self-injectable epinephrine with them, in case of accidental exposure or ingestion.
  • Asthma:  Triggers at weddings could range from “strong emotions” to aerobic exercise (dancing!).  Don’t let your asthma keep you from getting out and boogieing the night away.  Carry your rescue inhaler (albuterol) with you in case your asthma flares.  To prevent asthma from being triggered by all those groovy dance moves, pre-medicate with albuterol 15-20 minutes before stepping onto the dance floor.  Guests should be singing and dancing to “Shout” (you know, throw your hands up and SHOUT), not throwing their hands up and shouting “someone call 9-1-1.”
  • Latex allergy:  For those invitees with latex allergy, decorate with Mylar balloons and use non-latex gloves when handling food.  Foods allergies that are more likely in latex-allergic patients include banana, avocado and kiwi.

At Family Allergy & Asthma Care of Montana, we wish all weddings to be joyous and safe.  Planning ahead and courteous communication may ensure a memorable time for everyone.   This blog was co-written by Merissa who is currently immersed in wedding planning details…..

This information is solely for informational purposes and not intended as a substitute for consultation with a medical professional. 

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