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Merissa With Spirometer

A big shout out to all Medical Assistants!

Merissa with spirometerOctober 21-25, 2013 is National Medical Assistant Recognition Week.   We, at Family Allergy & Asthma Care of Montana, wish to recognize our Medical Assistant, Merissa, for her hard work and the vital role she plays in our day-to-day operations taking outstanding care of our patients.

I have had the pleasure of working with many excellent Medical Assistants, including Cindy and Trina.  One doesn’t truly understand their workload and impact until you have to perform their duties in addition to your own.

Medical Assistants are the first-care provider (after passing the reception desk) and set the tone for the office visit.   They are a crucial part of the medical practice.

In our practice, responsibilities include:

  • Performing procedures under the supervision of Dr. Zach, including allergy skin tests, allergy injections, flu shots, FeNO (exhaled nitric oxide breath analysis test), and lung function tests (spirometry).
  • Assisting Dr. Zach in exam rooms with patients.
  • Escorting patients to exam rooms, interviewing patients, measuring vital signs and documenting all information in the EHR.
  • Giving instruction to patients as instructed by Dr. Zach, including inhaler technique, nasal spray technique, dust mite and dander avoidance measures.
  • Keeping exam rooms stocked with adequate medical supplies. Cleaning exam rooms after every patient.
  • Taking telephone messages and providing feedback and answers to patient/physician/pharmacy calls.
  • Processing messages from patients and front desk staff to Dr. Zach
  • Maintaining all logs and required checks (spirometry calibration, Quality control for FeNO, refrigerator temperautures, emergency medications, expired medications, oxygen, etc.)
  • Participating in mock/practice anaphylaxis drills.

Other activities:

  • Writes clear and concise blogs
  • Assists in photographs for the blogs
  • Member of our ACE (Anaphylaxis Community Expert) Team for anaphylaxis presentations to schools
  • Participates in Asthma Screenings at community events.

The most challenging task of all:  keep Dr. Zach organized and on time!

Merissa’s contributions and efforts are needed and greatly appreciated!


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