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  • Pumpkin 1

    Pumpkin Allergy

    Pumpkin lattes, pies, shakes, muffins, bars, bread, cheesecake, cookies, pancakes, flam, pudding, squares, soups, and yes even, pumpkin chili and lasagna.  Is there anything you can’t make with pumpkin? Is pumpkin dangerous to some individuals? Allergic reactions to pumpkin “flesh” are rare with only 3 …

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  • Milk

    A milk allergy can really cause that to happen?

    Milk allergy is the most common food allergy in children.   The usual allergic reaction to milk is due to the allergic antibody (called IgE) that leads to the release of histamine and other inflammatory mediators resulting in typical allergic reaction symptoms of hives, swelling, …

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  • James Halloween

    Take the tricks out of the treats!

    BOO! Halloween is right around the corner, and it can either be fun or scary; sometimes even both if your child has food allergies.  Ghosts and goblins are supposed to be the scary part of Halloween, not the candy! Here are a few tips to …

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  • Merissa With Spirometer

    A big shout out to all Medical Assistants!

    October 21-25, 2013 is National Medical Assistant Recognition Week.   We, at Family Allergy & Asthma Care of Montana, wish to recognize our Medical Assistant, Merissa, for her hard work and the vital role she plays in our day-to-day operations taking outstanding care of our patients. I have …

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  • Shutterstock 143624986

    Stadium-sized peanut allergy awareness!

    Last weekend at the Northwestern University football game against the University of Minnesota Gophers, Ryan field in Chicago was “peanut free.”  The 50,000 seats were power washed and no peanuts snacks were served. While many sporting venues have offered limited seating areas that are peanut-free …

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  • Epi

    Self-Injectable Epinephrine: how to do it right.

    Epinephrine is the most important medication used to stop or lessen severe allergic reactions (called anaphylaxis).  Such reactions triggered by allergies to foods, medications, yellow jackets and other stinging insects, or latex may be life threatening. EpiPen Auvi-Q are auto-injectors that will inject the …

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  • Flu Shot

    Flu shot Season

    It is that time of year again!  The annual influenza vaccine is available.   Here is a bit of information about the “flu” and the “flu shot.” Influenza “flu” infection: This is a contagious disease that spreads around the U.S. every winter, usually between October …

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  • Snot

    Is there really a snot test?

    I can confirm now that there is indeed a SNOT test.  In fact, it is called the SNOT-22 test.  This 22 item questionnaire, Sino-Nasal Outcome Test, is a validated, patient-reported measure of outcome.   It is a predictor of improvement after FESS (functional endoscopic sinus surgery) …

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  • Photo

    Climate Change and Allergies

    It is well known that periodic climate changes (called phenology) especially precipitation and temperature are important predictors of tree and grass pollen production.   While there is much “science” and plenty of controversy over the issue of “global warming,” with climate changes come potential impacts relevant …

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