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Is your asthma controlled?

Doctor: How has your asthma been?

Patient: Fine (except for that coughing at night and shortness of breath when I exercise and …)

Most patients would wish for a cure for their asthma.  Sorry, at the current time, that’s not possible.  But, asthma can be controlled!

What is asthma control?

Your asthma is controlled when you are:

  1. Using your albuterol less than 2x a week
  2. Having nighttime symptoms less than 2x a week (no night symptoms if less than 4 years old)
  3. Attending school and not missing work due to asthma
  4. Exercising and being active without asthma symptoms
  5. Having normal lung function (FEV1 by spirometry:  see blog “Know your number”)
  6. Not needing prednisone more than once a year
  7. Not needing to go to the ER or hospital in the past year

If you were able to answer YES to each of those 7 questions, congratulations, your asthma is in control!

If you answered No to any of those 7 questions, then call and make an appointment with your asthma specialist.  At Family Allergy & Asthma Care of Montana, our goal is to help you control your asthma.  We will develop an individualized Asthma Action Plan specifically for you based on your level of asthma severity.

Control your asthma, don’t let asthma control you!

This educational information does not take the place of your physician’s advice.

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