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  • Apples 2

    Does your mouth itch when you eat fresh fruits?

    The Pollen-Food Allergy Syndrome (formerly call Oral Allergy Syndrome) is a common yet benign condition caused by cross-reactive proteins in fresh fruits or vegetables and pollens.  The symptoms of lip, tongue, mouth and palate itching, tingling and mild swelling occurs after the ingestion of fresh, …

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  • Soccer 2

    Asthma: Don’t give up on exercise!

    Back-to-School means back to exercise, gym and sports! Nearly 70% of people with asthma have symptoms triggered by exercise.   This doesn’t mean don’t exercise!  There are several ways to overcome exercise-induced asthma to allow for full participation. Tips to prevent or control exercise-induced bronchospasm (asthma): …

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  • Yellow Weed 1

    Weed pollen is in the air!

    Late summer means weed pollen! August through October is peak weed pollen season.  A single plant can release up to a billion grains of pollen per season.  While most of the pollen grains fall within a few feet, some may blow in the wind for …

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  • Wild Fires and Asthma

    The smoky haze from wild fires contains small particles small enough not only to cause irritation of the eyes and nose, but be inhaled into the lungs.  This can worsen asthma and other respiratory conditions such as COPD leading to cough, wheezing, shortness of breath …

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